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We offer our service at an affordable price so that anyone can afford to get help.  We are not here to make as much money as possible but to help as many people as possible.  If you have found our products to be over-priced than you may use the Donate Now button below to tithe what you think is a fair price.  On the last step at PayPal you may pick the amount you wish to tithe.


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We are a group of friends that get together over coffee to chat/kitbitz  about family, work, the world and life.
At  one meeting Lily told us about  problems in her marriage.  We decided we wanted to help. We did and in such a way that she was validated and empowered.  We created "The Plan" for her and she was able to achieve her goals.  As such, The Wives Club Consulting was born.  We chose the name, because all of us really enjoyed the movie, "The First Wives Club" and how it empowered women in various relationship challenges.

Our intention, is to assist you to discover the truth about yourself within your relationship in an empowering and validating manner.  We are here giving support, wisdom and creating "THE PLAN' specifically for your situation.  We created "The Plan" from information given to us by a dear friend and expanded on it according to each individual's needs. The Plan creates an emotional lifeline  in an otherwise tumultuous situation.

Since Lily's situation, we have helped countless others. All of them used their version of "The Plan"  and all were able to make decisions that empowered them and their families.

                                         WELCOME! JOIN WITH US IN REGAINING YOUR POWER! 
                                                     We offer a free 20 minute initial consultation
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